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Introducing The Path of the Moon Workbook

The Path of the Moon - A Human Design Experiential Workbook

ebook PDF format, 49 full color pages

The very first Human Design workbook - designed to help you in your experimentation with Human Design. Informative, original, and easy to use, this workbook is for all types - Reflectors, Generators, Projectors, or Manifestors.

Many experimenters in Human Design have found that daily self-observation through the transits brings an understanding of the conditioning taking place within and around them. The Path of the Moon workbook takes you step-by-step into your daily practice of self-exploration and observation through Human Design.

The Path of the Moon workbook is designed to support you in your exploration of the Moon's transit influence within you.

‘This is a very important book to be pubished. It is about the Path of the Moon - but it so much more. It talks about aspects of the experiment that are vital for someone to understand'; and that understanding can truly help them in their own journey.’ Mary Ann Winiger

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This workbook offers you a unique opportunity – to get into the experience of living you! Based upon the mechanics of Human Design, this workbook is suitable for anyone who is ready for experimenting and enhancing their self-awareness.

Step-by step, this workbook takes you into the daily practice of observing the transits of the Moon as it moves through all 64 gates each month. This pattern offers you the potential for a daily self-observation practice, that will deepen your recognition of your true self, as you begin to become aware of how your mind turns transits into conditioning stories.

This workbook provides you with the mechanics of transits and self-observation in simple and effective examples and clear instructions. Filled with exercises and re-usable forms, you can adopt and adapt this workbook into a daily Human Design practice that suits your unique Path of the Moon.

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Your Own Authority - A Beginner's Guide to Human Design

e-book with full-color illustrations, 138 pages

This beginner’s guide is a general introduction to the Human Design System, a starting place for people who are wondering, “What is Human Design, and could it be useful for me?”

The book provides a brief overview of the benefits of Human Design, and includes an introduction to type, aura, and strategy, inner and outer authority. Included is a glossary of Human Design terminology and a resource guide for further exploration. It is a perfect introduction for friends and family.

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