Transformation Course 2019

The Transformation Course 2019 4 Transformations Cover.jpg
The Transformation Course 2019 4 Transformations Cover.jpg

Transformation Course 2019

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2019 Transformation Course Series – Saturdays at 19 UTC in our online classroom

RAVE NEW YEAR DISCOUNT $1600 available thru February 22, 2019

Classes are approximately 1.5 hrs.

1st Transformation :: March 2 - April 6

2nd Transformation :: May 18 - June 22

3rd Transformation :: Sept 7 - Oct 12

4th Transformation :: Nov 9 - Dec 14

Transformation Course 2019 includes:

  • Four 6-week courses of 1.5 hr classes over one year

  • Four private coaching sessions with Dharmen & Leela

  • Quarterly Transformation Group Meetings with current year and alumni students - for 2019 and beyond

Personalized payment plans are available at no extra cost. Contact Leela at for details.

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Transformation is a 4-course experiential program which combines innovative course material with extensive personal feedback and support. Each of the Four Transformations is conducted through a 6-week online program which includes a follow up private coaching session and a quarterly support group meeting – a total of 28 weeks of classes, sessions and meetings in the entire course series over a one-year time period. Between each course is a 6 -7 week break from classes in order to support the integration of the variable information into experience - before moving on to the next course. 

Each 6-week program includes: Six weekly 1.5 +/- hour classes on the specific variable, including experiments for self-study; as well as weekly experiment review, feedback and discussion of the student’s observations. Each student receives customized instruction and experimentation based upon their design. Experimentation is an essential part of the integration process, designed to encourage observation of one's own personal experience. All experimentation is voluntary, but we highly recommended students to participate in the process. 

The 6-week course is followed by a personal coaching session with Dharmen and Leela, to support your integration of the course experience. There are also quarterly support group meetings which includes alumni from previous Transformation Courses. Class size is limited to 12 students per 6-week program. In this way, we ensure that each student receives personalized feedback and support in their transformation process. 

Recommendations: Human Design Reading
 from a certified HD analyst is recommended. A PHS Reading from a qualified PHS analyst or practitioner is recommended prior to the start of the First Transformation Course