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Dharmen & Leela Swann-Herbert

Human Design Teachers

Human Design Tools for Your Experiment

As Human Design teachers and coaches, we provide you with the mechanics of awareness for your experiment of being you.  You are initiated, invited, and asked to join us in our ongoing exploration of the unique and individual experience of being alive. 

New from Dharmen & Leela

Transformation Course 2019
1,600.00 2,000.00

2019 Transformation Course Series – Saturdays at 19 UTC in our online classroom

RAVE NEW YEAR DISCOUNT $1600 available thru February 22, 2019

Classes are approximately 1.5 hrs.

1st Transformation :: March 2 - April 6

2nd Transformation :: May 18 - June 22

3rd Transformation :: Sept 7 - Oct 12

4th Transformation :: Nov 9 - Dec 14

Transformation Course 2019 includes:

  • Four 6-week courses of 1.5 hr classes over one year

  • Four private coaching sessions with Dharmen & Leela

  • Quarterly Transformation Group Meetings with current year and alumni students - for 2019 and beyond

Personalized payment plans are available at no extra cost. Contact Leela at office@thesecretofbeingyou.com for details.


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