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As Human Design teachers and coaches, we provide you with the mechanics of awareness for your experiment of being you.  You are initiated, invited, and asked to join us in our ongoing exploration of the unique and individual experience of being alive. 

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Our Very Essence is Love

The Wisdom of Openness Experiment - by Dharmen Swann-Herbert

This recording was an experiment for me to explore the podcast format for a question/answer session. Individuals sent me their questions and charts, and 5 of them were chosen for this recording.

What I learned from my experiment was that Q&A’s aren’t my format without the person being present, asking their questions. With no real experience of the person, I just get their words. Words are always mind; so, I got a lot of mind-oriented questions: how do I figure it out? What’s my future going to be like? What does this mean?

I get that people are struggling with the mind. People first learn about Human Design, for the most part, wanting their life to be different. But they have a particular way in mind of how that life should be, could be; if only this or that were different, then they’d get a result they think they want. At some point, there has to be the recognition that Human Design is about awareness, not about manifesting the mind’s persistent illusion.

What this experiment has shown me is that there is a lot of work to be done to help people recognize that Human Design is the mechanics of awareness. We’re here to be aware of our particular experience of living in our unique vehicle of body/mind. Not lost in its stories, not trying to push to make our life into what we think it should be – even if that ‘should be’ is what we think we understand about Human Design.  Human Design information is simply the generality, a finger pointing towards our individual experience, not the experience itself.

Wisdom of Openness Podcast 7.15.19
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