Transformation Course 2019

The transformation course provides a unique, individual experience of the 4 variables for those who are ready to dive deep into their personal transformation process. Through this course, you will come to recognize your individual process in discovering your awareness potential. Through each transformation you are guided through a program of workshop classes filled with training, coaching and feedback, in order to ensure that you get the most out of your experience and have your feet firmly planted in your experiment with this transformative course. 

Transformation Course 2019 is a 4-course experiential program which combines innovative course material with extensive personal feedback and support. Each of the Four Transformations is conducted through a 6-week online program which includes a follow up private coaching session and a quarterly support group meeting – a total of 28 weeks of classes, sessions and meetings in the entire course series over a one-year time period. Between each courses is a 6 -7 week break from classes in order to support the integration of the variable information into experience - before moving on to the next course.  This is going to be our last Transformation Course group.

Each 6-week program includes:  Six weekly 1.5 +/- hour classes on the specific variable, including experiments for self-study; as well as weekly experiment review, feedback and discussion of the student’s observations. Each student receives customized instruction and experimentation based upon their design. Experimentation is an essential part of the integration process, designed to encourage observation of one's own personal experience. All experimentation is voluntary, but we highly recommended that students participate in the process. 


2019 Transformation Course Series – Saturdays at 19 UTC in our online classroom

Course Closed

Classes are approximately 1.5 hrs.

1st Transformation :: March 2 - April 6

2nd Transformation :: May 18 - June 22

3rd Transformation :: Sept 7 - Oct 12

4th Transformation :: Nov 9 - Dec 14

Transformation Course 2019 includes:

  • Four 6-week courses of 1.5 hr classes over one year

  • Four private coaching sessions with Dharmen & Leela

  • Quarterly Transformation Group Meetings with current year and alumni students - for 2019 and beyond

Personalized payment plans are available at no extra cost. Contact Leela at for details.

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Online Courses with Dharmen & Leela

Online Courses with Dharmen and Leela can support you in experiencing new aspects of your self-awareness through Human Design education. With a strong emphasis on  your experience of the mechanics of Human Design, their online courses give you practical, weekly exercises which can open up surprising new roads along your journey. Taught in their online classroom, each class is recorded in video and audio versions along with pdfs of their detailed class images. The online classroom provides a visual connection with the entire group which can often extend around the globe. 

As teachers, Dharmen and Leela complement each other, and are the first to share that they often do not agree - as they each have their own unique viewpoint and expresseion based upon their individual experiments with Human Design since 1999.  In the class discussions , they provide you with a spectrum of insights and supportive feedback which can aid you in the recognition of your unique vieqpoint and expression based upon your individual experiment with Human Design.


What Students are Saying About Courses with Dharmen & Leela

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Free Recording Introduction to The Transformation Course

Dharmen & Leela and alumni students from previous transformation courses discuss The Transformation Course and its personal impact. Recorded in 2014.

mp3 audio, PDF included.

During these last months, I realized that any of your courses…that I have been in, have a long-term consequence for me. Not always I realized fully what was there in the moment for me, but long after the course finished, I still continue to grasp what was there, and it's still alive in the strong connection with what is my life.  So grateful for that! NG – Bulgaria

I knew there was something inside me that I was cut off from, and I couldn't stop trying to find it, and I couldn't stop asking for help until I found it, because it has always been so clear to me that connection to this inner guide is the only thing that matters in terms of my relationship to life. I'm really deeply grateful for what I have found. I'm looking forward to re-listening to all of the Transformation Course recordings. I imagine it will be quite an experience. MW – USA

Thanks again for the great class. I can see how this is the just the beginning of a life-long process, and I so appreciate you & Dharmen sharing your wisdom & experience with us. AG - Canada

Because you answered so well my questions about my daughter's current career path situation, I now clearly understand the differences between Inner and Outer Authority. Thank you very much!  You and Dharmen understand, and explain, the Human Design System better than any of the HD teachers I've had. DH – USA

Again, I want to say how much I appreciate the love, information and attention you give folks in your classes.  You two have made a tremendous impact in my life.  Thank you. DG – USA

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Free Recording  Transformation 2018 Open House

Are you ready for a deeper dive into your experiment? Open House recorded live by Dharmen & Leela in their online classroom for the 2018 Transformation Course. Note: see Transformation Course page for 2019 course details/dates.

mp4 and mp3 recordings, PDF of images

Transformation 2018 Open House
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One of the biggest thing that I have learnt from you two was to “experience the experience”. I think that is really beautiful. Not only beautiful, that is really a truth in life, and if I haven’t learnt this, I could have left Human Design sooner or later. KM - Japan

I'm starting to get what you mean by "Radical Transformation" OMG! I never quite realized just how much my mind turns fiction into facts. It's very difficult to see when we're caught up in it, isn't it? It's so easy to misinterpret this knowledge and think we're doing it "right". Having guides such as you, as outer authority, during these early years of experimenting with our design is valuable beyond words - all the years of conditioning run deep...I have periods when I feel somewhat discouraged, and wonder if I'll ever manage to find myself in all the mess - the deconditioning process being so uncomfortable I feel resistance. What keeps me going is my determination fueled by a profound knowing that it is possible, and since I've been studying H.D. I see plenty of examples. LS – Canada

I have been listening to the Transformation Course I took from you last year a lot lately, and just wanted to send you a note thanking you for sharing all your knowledge. Last year, was a challenging year, and I have often thought that had I not been in that class at the time, how differently I would have handled things. grateful I am that with your support, I was able to view my life, and not get as trapped in the story. GT – USA