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Dharmen and Leela Swann-Herbert of the Secret of Being You

Dharmen and Leela Swann-Herbert of the Secret of Being You

The Secret of Being You provides tools and support for your individual experiment in  awareness through the mechanics of Human Design.

As Human Design teachers and coaches, we are dedicated to providing you with the mechanics of awareness for your experiment of being you.  Direct students of Ra Uru Hu, Dharmen and Leela have been actively experimenting with Human Design since 1999. Trained by Ra in the mechanics, they bring a wealth of experience, depth, humor, and practical tools to their courses and coaching sessions. 

Dharmen is a 1/3 Reflector. His individual experience of openness provides a depth of understanding about the huamn dynamics of  experiencing conditioning., openness, and the potential for wisdom. 

Leela is a 4/6 Emotional Authority Generator. Her individual experience of emotions and the felt-awareness of clarity, provides a depth of understanding about experiencing the human dynamics of intimacy and individuality, and the gifts of self-observation. 

Life Partners for Over Thirty-Two Years
We have been partners in love and life for over 32 years. We have a multi-ethnic blended family, and we raised 3 of our boys together. In our years together, we have lived consistently devoted to our individual growth, and our mutual commitment to awareness. We have survived parenthood, failed businesses, bankruptcy, illness, separation, and the death of our youngest child; as well as the intense joy of creating a life together dedicated to growth, stewardship, and personal accountability.
We met Human Design together in 1999, and we have been actively experimenting with Human Design in our individual lives for the past 19 years. We had our individual readings from Ra, as well as a partnership reading, on the same day. We have experienced the personal transformation that Human Design offers; and, also the transformation of the quality of life in our relationship.

We are polar opposites - Dharmen is a black guy from Harlem, Leela is a white girl from The Valley - east coast/west coast, black/white, male/female. Dharmen is a wide-open 1/3 Reflector on the RA Cross of the Unexpected, Leela is a triple-split emotional 4/6 Generator on the RA Cross of Rulership: we are open/very defined, non-emotional/very emotional, logical/abstract, non-energy being/3-motor energy being; and we have the natural harmonic resonance between the 1/3 and 4/6 profiles. 
These opposite qualities, and their accompanying conditioning, had often lead to cultural, emotional, or value-driven conflicts between us. Through Human Design practice, and the discovery of who we are beyond our conditioning, has enhanced the harmony of these opposite qualities. 

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Harmony in a partnership is a rare gift, certainly nothing that either of us had experienced in our lives prior to Human Design. It is due to the quality of life that we have found - as individuals and as partners, that has led us to share Human Design.

You are initiated, invited, and asked to join us in our ongoing exploration of the unique and individual experience of being alive.

Dharmen Swann-Herbert  Human Design Teacher, 1/3 Reflector on the Right Angle Cross of the Unexpected

Dharmen Swann-Herbert

Dharmen Swann-Herbert

From Dharmen

My relationship with Human Design is simply my relationship with myself. As a 1/3 Reflector, I have a deeply investigative personality, which has translated into a profound and authoritative study of Human Design Analysis, Rave Cartography, Rave Psychology, and currently The Wisdom of Openness.  

Leela Swann-Herbert Human Design Teacher, 4/6 emotional Generator on the Right Angle Cross of Rulership

Leela Swann-Herbert

Leela Swann-Herbert

From Leela

Since the moment of my reading in 1999, I’ve known that the search was over, and that I had found my path to myself. Human Design gave me a road map for my life, and I've been exploring my unique pathway ever since. I am a triple-split unconscious emotional authority Generator. 

I’d like to say that it was easy to integrate my strategy and authority into my life, but it wasn’t.