Being Here


At the new year, at this time of new beginnings, it is easy for the mind to step in and create all kinds of expectations and projections. Setting goals or resolutions about what could be, what you should chase after, what you hope and dream will happen, what you think you want, all based upon the mind’s interpretations of life. The dilemma is that those interpretations never seem to deliver something of genuine value.

For those of us who are actively experimenting with the strategy of our design and our Inner Authority, the new beginning of the year can bring something quite different: the experiment of being here. What is my life like when I let go of projections about the future, and learn to be present? What is my life like when I wait and discover what life brings, moment by moment?

When we begin our HD experiment, for many of us, we cannot begin to fathom the fullness of waiting – it seems to the mind that waiting is boring, that It is empty. This is because the mind thinks that waiting is waiting for something specific, something that should be chased after, something that we want to have happen. That’s not waiting, that’s expectation. And, as we discover if we are fortunate, expectation is pretty boring and empty.

There is a luxury in waiting. Ra said it best: waiting as an active state of awareness. It’s a moment by moment relaxation into the fullness that life is – not what it could be or could bring, but what it is, in all of its infinite variety. Whether it is being present to brushing our teeth, or gazing out the window, life is full, it is breathing through us.

What holds us back at times, is fear. Fear of the future: What if this happens? What if that doesn’t happen? The mind can create quite a story to justify projections and expectations, swirled with a false-sense of urgency that can create anxiety. Then the mind can get busy trying to figure out how to avoid the fear and anxiety, and suddenly, we are off and running with plans about the future, rather than being present, here, now.

The key that Dharmen and I have discovered, is to come back to the body. Is the fear actually happening right now? Is that thing that my mind is scaring me with, actually taking place? And, if it is taking place, is my body ok? (mostly, it is not actually taking place…just a scary little movie that the mind is projecting…)

Is the body ok? Is the body relaxed and at ease? If not, is there a physical adjustment that can be made, so that the body feels relaxed and at ease? Is the body ok with not being relaxed and at ease? Can we observe the body’s pain, and not turn it into a story of suffering?

Something that not many of us have discovered: It begins with learning how to be present to the body. Not what the mind thinks the body should be or could be; but rather: what is the body’s experience right now? Each of us are trained to pay attention to our thinking, and to ignore the body. The dilemma is that awareness is not found in our thinking, but it is found when we connect with our body’s consciousness. And that is a moment by moment experience.

Not many of us may realize: each of us have a unique way to be present. It is built in to our HD mechanics, in our variables. This is why we offer the Transformation Course series, to help each individual access and become grounded in their unique way of being present.

The mind would like to think that awareness, that being awake, is one and done. That when we discover our way of being present, then we’re done. That one experience of awareness, should become always aware. That’s not life. Life comes and it goes, awareness comes and it goes. It is not a static thing, being here. It is a dynamic process of settling into the body/mind vehicle and learning our unique way of being present, and discovering the beauty of being here, moment by moment.

Leela & Dharmen