Leela - My Relationship With Human Design


Since the moment of my reading in 1999, I’ve known that the search was over, and that I had found my path to myself. Human Design gave me a road map for my life, and I've been exploring my unique pathway ever since. I am a triple-split unconscious emotional authority Generator. 

I’d like to say that it was easy to integrate my strategy and authority into my life, but it wasn’t. Slowly, over time, I began to recognize that I only take in life when I'm silent; I’m a slow learner, and I have a slow frequency from which I operate best, waiting for that space of balance, of equanimity in my emotional wave. This was all a revelation for me. As a child, I was conditioned to be a quick learner, to always be at the head of the class, and to get my work done as quickly as possible, so I’d be ready for the next thing.

It was two years into my experiment before I realized how it felt to make an emotionally correct decision, and it was a decision that took over three months to make. It required a lot of slowing down, and a deep commitment to staying with the process, to take that much time in the gap of not taking action. 

Learning to not rush into doing, to really wait until there was no emotional disturbance in the decision, either positive or negative, was an enormous effort, and a long process. But the results continue to be incredible. To make a life-choice without doubt or fear, to move forward with satisfaction and no regret, to trust and surrender 100% to the decision, and not be excited or terrified of the outcome, and to meet the flow of life rather than resistance brings a spaciousness and relaxation in my life that I had never felt prior to my experiment with Human Design.

It’s been an amazing journey from there – to go from making one correct decision, to gradually becoming aware of my own unique frequency, the felt-sense of awareness of being present to my life. I can’t say the process has been easy, or that there has been a steady progress – because that’s not my way. My journey has been a process of plateaus, hitting walls and breakthroughs. Periods of time when my life was going along at a certain level and then hitting the wall, over and over and over; then another breakthrough, a long plateau and then hitting another wall, eventual breakthrough, and so on.

My Professional Background
I am a PHS Analyst and Practitioner, a Living Design Guide, Radical Transformation Variable Teacher, and a Certification Teacher in Child Development Analysis, and Family Practice Coaching. My Human Design education was exclusively with Ra Uru Hu, and I consider him my teacher. I completed the Variable Teacher Training Certification program with Ra in 2010, the only time he taught this particular teacher certification.

My professional skills are in business management, marketing, and business development. For 20 years, I worked primarily in the Natural Foods industry: from managing Natural Food stores, opening stores for a national natural grocery chain, training staff in everything from customer service to counseling customers in vitamins, supplements and herbs. I also directed sales for a homeopathic company, as well as directed operations for a chain of retail pharmacies with a natural wellness focus.

I have also been an entrepreneur my entire work career - starting diverse businesses such as a publishing company to training independent business owners in sales and business management skills.