Dharmen - My relationship with Human Design

Dharmen Swann-Herbert 1/3 Reflector on the Right Angle Cross of the Unexpected

Dharmen Swann-Herbert 1/3 Reflector on the Right Angle Cross of the Unexpected

My relationship with Human Design is simply my relationship with myself. As a 1/3 Reflector, I have a deeply investigative personality, which has translated into a profound and authoritative study of Human Design Analysis, Rave Cartography, Rave Psychology, and currently, The Wisdom of Openness.

Human Design literally saved my life. When I found Human Design, my life wasn’t working. It hadn’t really worked ever - my various careers, living in spiritual communes and communities, monogamous and non-monogamous relationships, raising kids, starting businesses that failed – you name it. I’d tried it, and it ultimately did not work. Since that moment of my reading in 1999, I have lived this life as myself, and I haven’t looked back. I truly discovered my true home – my true self. 

I am a Reflector. This knowledge was transforming. No wonder nothing worked in my life. No wonder I always felt I was living on shifting sand, and nobody ever saw the real me; and, I did not know the real me. Without the understanding of my strategy and authority, there was no way for my life to work properly. In my study of Human Design, I’ve investigated deeply, and have found for myself the truth of the experiment. What I can say now, nearing the end of my third 7-year cycle in my experiment, and having lived with cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, is that life works, and I am riding the wave of its beauty and grace as the unique being that is me.

Reflectors are the only type who can truly surf the daily transits, for whom the conditioning of The Program is correct. In this way, I take in the transits very deeply. This gives me a deep affinity to the work of coaching individuals. I literally observe my vehicle riding along the conditioning as we transit through the years, and I bring this depth of understanding to my work. It is my hope that as a coach and guide, that I am able to share with you the truth of this experience. For Reflectors finding themselves, I offer my mastery of the mechanics of awareness, if you want to go deeply into your experiment.

My Professional Background
I have a professional background in coaching, training and development, and have taught over 600 workshops world-wide over 40 years prior to becoming a Human Design Analyst and Teacher. I have been a student of Human Design for over 19 years. I am a certified Human Design Analyst, Human Design Color Analyst, Rave Psychologist, Living Design Guide, Certification Teacher for Child Development Analysts and Family Practice Coaches. Over the years of my Human Design education, I had the good fortune to have Ra Uru Hu as my teacher.

My work as a Human Design Professional Teacher and Coach 
My favorite aspect of working with individuals is to help them actualize the information, to realize the mechanics of Human Design in their experience. A reading is a finger pointing to the potential experience of the self; it is not the actual experience. I bring a unique viewpoint to my work: with no personal definition, I am wide open, and bring the depth of that wisdom of openness. What people get with my coaching and classes is their unique self, not me. I offer Partnership Coaching and Child Development Coaching with my partner, Leela. As a Reflector, I am particularly suited to personal coaching with new and actively experimenting Reflectors, but I enjoy working with any type.

Teaching Human Design Students
What is most important for me, is what the individual takes away from coaching or classes, and then experiments with, in their own life. I’m not interested in teaching for the sake of having people listen to me. I’m here to help people wake up to what their lives can be; how to enjoy living the unique being that they’ve been given in this life through Human Design. 

Having been an educator and trainer for most of my life, I bring many skills to the teaching environment that ensures the individual gets the most out of the experience.  Although I may have an outline of material that will be covered in the workshop or course, I work with what the individuals bring to the process as well. Workshops and courses, in order to be effective, must provide the opportunity for realization. Real learning is what excites me, not rote repetition of facts.

Teaching is dynamic – and being a Reflector, I have the ability to accurately reflect what is going on with the group, to know where people are at, and help guide them to where they actually want to be. Understand this, as it is an important distinction: I’m here to guide people, not to where I want them to be, but where they need to be. I’m here to help you uncover the truth that you are, not to tell you what your truth is, but to create an environment where you discover your truth.